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Melbourne and last week of Australia

sunny 32 °C

Flew to Melbourne from Cairns which took around 3 and half hours, so not too long.

When got to Melbourne had a day to catch up with my friends and also buy a few last minute things before renting a car for 3 days with a few backpacker mates from my old job and New Zealand and headed down the Great Ocean Road. The weather ended up being perfect for photos.

On the last day drove from the Great Ocean Road to Healesville and drove the black spur which is in the Dangenong Ranges near Melbourne, the trees there are the tallest I have ever seen in my life, just amazing.

My last day in Australia I went to St Kilda beach (where i first stayed on my first year here) & went up the sky deck which was ace.

The flight home was long, hour delay on second flight but overall okay. Lots of empty seats which meant I could spread out which was cool.

Now back in the UK and starting to think what is next for me for the rest of 2014!

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update east coast 2nd

storm 28 °C

Once got to Cairns soon realised cyclone number 2 was here, great news – not! Decided before the weather got too bad to head out to the Great Barrier Reef on a boat. This was a great day out on the reef and saw some great colourful reef and quite few different fish. However the weather had made the waves a couple of metres high which made the return journey HELL. Most people were sea sick but if went outside the boat was rocking so vigorously that you either had to hold on for dear life or go back inside.

The next trip was even worse for weather. It was called Uncle Brian’s Tablelands Tour. The places the tour took you to would have been great if it wasn’t torrential rainfall. Went to a look out and came back to bus soaked. I wrung my t-shirt out and more water came out then hand washing clothes! The best part of the day was the crack on the bus, some old school music and bus games made the weather outside disappear for at least a while.

Headed to Cape Tribulation where the weather was not as bad as the above but still did not stop raining and even got a power cut in the cabin which was in the middle of a rainforest with no reception for miles. Great place to stay, however the damp smell is now attached to all my clothes.

On the way to Cape Trib went to some ace views and also got to do a wild crocodile tour on the Daintree River. Saw 5 baby crocs and 1 adult one (4 metres long!!!!) Once at the Cabins went to an exotic fruit tasting which was awesome. Got to try some weird fruit like breadfruit, mangosteen and rambutan etc. Some were lovely and honestly some were disgusting. Also got a tour around the orchards to see what type of trees they grow on.

Heading back down to Melbourne tomorrow for a week ish and flight home to London Heathrow on the 1st of April.

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Update on East Coast

storm 28 °C

Got to Airlie Beach and managed to walk straight into a cyclone…this meant weather warning from the hostel on where to evacuate to if needed. Quite scary when not sure how this weather can or will affect you. Waited the weather out in Airlie Beach as all boats and planes had been cancelled.

Once weather had blown over, literally! Got to do a scenic flight over the Whitsundays. This is one of the most amazing things as could see where I snorkelled on the 3 day sailing trip last year. Beautiful views. Was a little bumpy ride though as weather still in the middle of clearing up, but defiantly glad I went.

Once left Airlie Beach went to Magnet Island where the weather amazing. Went to a champagne breakfast, where it was all you could eat – to a backpacker what more could you ask for? They also brought animals round including a massive snake that I could only bring myself to touch, a crocodile that I held and also a cuddle from a lovely koala. Also hired a car for few days around Magnet Island, which meant got to go to some really cool snorkelling places and stunning beaches. In the evening drove to West Point to watch the sun set over the water, the only place on the east coast that can do this as normally sets over land.

Headed to Mission Beach to chill out for few days, which I did on the beautiful beach before heading to Cairns.

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First Week on East Coast!

sunny 30 °C

Flew from Auckland back to Brisbane, stayed here for few nights and enjoyed the nice weather and beautiful city.

Headed up the coast to Hervey Bay where got pretty sun burnt! There is a long pier here which gives an amazing view of the beaches.

Next stop was Childers Eco Lodge. This hostel only opened around 4-5 months ago and therefore had pretty new beds, kitchen equipment etc. This hostel is based a little out of the main backpacker route and therefore did not even have flushing toilets, which is an experience that I wish I could say I am not getting use to! They also had chickens walking around all the time and a cow that kept getting out of the field and quite few times put its head into the cabin like rooms…funny as!

Whilst at Childers went to see the baby turtles hatch on the beach and pull themselves along to the sea. This was such a cool experience. It is after sunset therefore not a lot of light but enough for few pictures and videos!!

Went to 1770/Agnes Water for few days. Chilled out in the 16 acres of land that the hostel has to offer and also went down to the beach. Nice little town here but time to move on wards and upwards, well north anyway!

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Last Weeks of Australia

sunny 35 °C

Within my last couple of weeks in Australia I have had a blast!

Went to Double Island point with a friend (Tour guide at work) and some friends, this included driving down the beach and freshwater track! Went for walk up double island point and saw several dolphins, turtles etc – pretty cool!! Also, got to swim in the sea for while before heading to the Fresh water lake. This lake was beautiful and we all went for a swim 

Another day drove to a secret area of searys creek where there was only a few other people. Went for a swim and a little fish even bit my arse!! Haha. We dived in the water and messed around for while which was needed as was so HOT.

Maaike and Kal made me a goodbye lunch – which was healthy, shock horror, but was really nice and on the morning that I left Rainbow Beach Denise cooked me egg and bacon on the BBQ! Lovely send off 

Got bus down to Noosa where I did the Noosa Everglades, this included a cruise on a boat up the Noosa River, canoeing for while to the place where they cook you BBQ before cruise back to the boat ramp. Was overcast, thank god, because was so hot the day before and afterwards that don’t think I would of paddled I would of swam!

New Year was spent in Noosa with some friends that I met previously in the year, went to the beach and went in the sea in the first hour of 2014! Also watched the sun set at Noosa Spit one night and a lookout over the river and spit another night. Went to the main beach and Little Cove to sun bathe and swim whilst the days seemed to be getting hotter. A great way to start the new year 

Got bus down to Maroochydore, 30 mins south of Noosa. The heat wave that started in Noosa got to its full strength at this point, was recorded some of the highest temperatures for this time of year on the east coast. Was VERY uncomfortable heat, defiantly too hot to sun bathe. There was a shopping centre here so had chance to look round this and go into the river opposite the hostel to be able to cool down.

Headed to Brisbane where I will be catching my flight to New Zealand in couple of days. I am glad to go for relief of the weather hopefully. After days of a heat wave came an amazing tropical thunderstorm. The lightening was every 5-6 seconds and the thunder rumbled through you not around you like normal. Queen street of Brisbane became a river for while with the amount of rain fall in minutes. Was mental.

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Christmas in Australia

sunny 30 °C

Had the hottest Christmas I have ever had this year :) Being 30 Degrees. Was a lovely day, blue sky - couldn't ask for anything more

Around the hostel we had Christmas decorations up, did Christmas painting boomerangs and decorated Christmas balls - all good stuff

Christmas eve went to a xmas party in Noosa with some friends I have made there. This was a random drive there with Maaike a friend of mine. Sat on the main beach in Noosa for few hours in the evening before heading the party at the surf club. Was a really cool night. Ended up crashing there and driving back to Rainbow Beach in the morning of Xmas day :) Great fun!!

Christmas day I had to work a couple of hours, but every one was in a good xmas spirit and had Christmas songs playing etc. After work made the lunch with the work for accommodation crew and other staff members ( my Pippies Family!) which was cool mucking about in the kitchen and we made an amazing spread for us and the guests.

Once we were really full headed to the DVD room to watch Home Alone 1 before heading to the beach at 3 ish once it got a little cooler. Sun bathed and mucked around in the sea until we decided to build a SANDman instead of a snow man. Although this was some what harder then a snow man it was sooo funny and made the day.

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Travels to New Zealand!!

I have recently decided to travel to New Zealand at the beginning of next year. I am going to start a new blog for these couple of months to keep it separate from my Australia travels :)

To sign up to this blog please subscribe through this link: http://chellekiwi2014.travellerspoint.com

I will continue this blog whilst in Australia so please do not unsubscribe :)

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Airlie Beach & 1770!

sunny 30 °C

Got week off work with Pete (who also works for Pippies Beachhouse and also a mate of mine) so we drove to Airlie Beach which took us 14 hours! and still stayed in the same state. mental.

Airlie Beach is amazing, the water is such a beautiful colour. The sailing boat was called Anaconda III - had 26 people in total on which was a great number. The cabins were small but enough space to live for few days. The tour is 3 nights and 3 days and goes through Hook passage to Whitehaven Beach (very famous beach), Luncheon Bay where got to snorkel surrounding the reef. This reef is very popular and a lot of tours get the opportunity to go here. The next day headed to Bait Reef where the best snorkelling experience was....got to see turtles, shark, nemo fish and lots of other fish!! The last day got to snorkel at Blue Pearl Bay off Hayman Island. This was such an amazing experience!!! The first reef I managed to cut my hand open and bled quite a lot which was not fun...but apparently I was still good to stay in the water which was cool so I didn't miss out on the experience.

On the way back to Rainbow Beach stayed one night in 1770/Agnes water which is still 4-5 hours north of Rainbow Beach. Stayed at the hostel called Southern Cross. It is like a mini resort & is pretty amazing there. I would suggest for anyone to go there if they get the chance.

Whilst at Agnes Water we did the scooteroo tour. Which is where you get to ride scooters around 1770/Agnes Water, see wild kangaroos at the side of the road or in grass land and watch the sun set. At first was really scared but by the end was doing 80 kph / 50mph.

When got back worked for 2 days and got the chance to go to Fraser Island for a 3 day 2 night tour. This is the third time got to go :) I love Fraser Island :)

Back to work I go now ... Until the next little random trip I book!!

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Queensland Continued

sunny 25 °C

Went to Tin Can Bay to feed wild dolphins, not allowed to touch them for obvious reasons but feeding them was so amazing. Got lots of photos and also a video of feeding them!!!

Got the chance to go to Fraser Island again with Pippies (work) so went over which was amazing. Was with the tour guide Gaz this time who is a very cool guy! Saw 10-12 sharks, 8 dolphins,sting ray and 6 whales at Indian head. This tour is 4X4 driving as no roads on the biggest sand island in the world, so only Eurong Resort has concrete roads, and also means that we camp in tents which is such an experience having dingos walking past your tent in the middle of the night.

Love being in Queensland, been pretty warm/hot the last couple of weeks, 24-30 degrees, Considering this is winter I am deffo not complaining!! I also get the opportunity to have trips to places such as InSkip - which is where the barge leaves from to get to Fraser Island. The sand is amazing and the view of the ocean is just beautiful, I have been here a couple of times to watch the sun set :D Also get to go to the Carlo Sand Dunes where can watch the sun set over rainbow beach one side and look out over the rainbow beach cliffs the other, up here also get to sand board which is soooo cool, however does get sand everywhere! Also Surrounded by Hervey Bay, Gympie and Noosa which make good day or 1 night trips.

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Loving Queensland!

Been working at the hostel for over a month now and still think it pretty cool!! Just so hard to go threw the stage of saying good bye to mates that I have grown attached too.

Got few days off so headed on 5 hour bus journey to Brisbane for 5 days :) this was to have reunion with my two German lads that were working for accommodation at my hostel for few weeks and also Canada who is mental but totally cool :)

Also went outside rock climbing at kangaroo point in Brisbane which was really cool :)

Heading back to rainbow beach now to start work again tomorrow!

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