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Finding Work In Rainbow Beach

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When I got back off Fraser Island late last month I got offered a reception position at Pippies Beach House where I was staying for few days & was also the company I went to Fraser Island with. So started straight away when I returned. I have now been working here for around 2 and half weeks. So far so good, I am loving the job. Get free accomodation and £10-11 an hour, so going to use this job to get some cash behind me to do some great tours heading up to Cairns (north Queensland)

Although reception in a hostel can be mental it's great to be able to chill with backpackers that just want to have a good time and as cheap as possible! Such activites include joining in with the free tour that walks you to the local sand dunes where can sand board, watch the sunset and we also got group playing rounders!! Also took a group for walk down the beach where if you walk 1-2km can get to the "rainbow" coloured sand. Also did a random trip to Tin Can Bay where saw a pelican really close and was beautiful seaside town.

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Rainbow Beach/Fraser Island

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Headed up to Rainbow Beach from Noosa (still in Queensland) The Greyhound bus took 2 hours so wasn’t too long. Stayed at hostel in Rainbow Beach for two nights. Whilst here there is a 20-30 minute walk to the sand dunes where can go sandboarding and also see amazing views out to see and in land.

From Rainbow Beach I did a 3 day 2 Night tour to Fraser Island where you got to camp in tents. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world. Therefore no one lives on the island so there are very few concrete roads. So can only drive on island with a 4x4. There was 16 of us in total and what a cool group of people was very lucky!!

Went to McKenszie Lake and Lake Wabby – two beautiful lakes. Saw a famous ship wreck called Maheno. Went to Indian Head where saw wild dolphins and whales in the sea. Went swimming at Champagne Pools and Eli Creek. Also went to a lake where there are wild turtles – this was pretty cool! Pictures of all these on my face book!

There were wild dingo’s around the island so had to make sure that when finish with food that packed in away in dry boxes etc otherwise the dingo’s would eat it. Also had to make sure always in pairs in case one did attack. So if wanted wee in the middle night had to wake your wee buddy and make sure you take a dingo stick with you.

Although I was shattered when returned to Rainbow Beach this tour was one of the best things I have done in Australia and loved every minute of it. If get the chance would love to go again!! 

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Start of Queensland

sunny 23 °C

Spent a week in Melbourne at Urban Central hostel on Southbank. A few weeks before heading to Melbourne I was applying for every job going and also the week I was there. It is hard to get a job in another country as, rightly so, they put Australians who want a job first before a backpacker.

Met up with some friends that I have in Melbourne which was ace to catch up. Went to the aquarium with Lisa, which I haven’t been to since the first couple of weeks I was in Australia last time. Visited the Sky Deck …. Which is the best place in Melbourne, as it has the best views of every angle! The weather rained most days as it is middle of their winter.

I saw how quickly my fund of money went down in a week so had to make the decision to stay and find a job, which so far has given me no luck or to gamble the length of my stay in Australia and head north, to nicer weather, and Queensland which was the whole point of my return to Australia in the first place.

Decided Queensland! So now I am in Noosa, which is north of Brisbane. This hostel is beautiful more like a hotel even has a swimming pool!!!! And get 2 pillows…..little things, little things! Went to Sunshine Beach the first day I was here, reminded me exactly why I returned to Australia. Second day walked the coastal route in Noosa National Park which ends close to the Noosa Main Beach. Although this day was overcast it was still 23 degrees and again still in winter. Fancy our winter this hot? And moaning about it?

Up North I head :)

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Few Annoying Things About Hostels

rain 12 °C

So been back in hostels less than a week and I can tell you for nothing I forget how annoying they are!!! Love a comfortable life 

1. Check out at 10am but cannot check in until 2pm. What do you do for 4 hours if you’re just moving from one hostel to another?
2. Washing - $4 to wash $4 to dry and $1 for washing powder. £6 in total. Have to wait in hostel whilst the above happens also!
3. Hostel in at the moment – 12 minutes to shower… I am quick in shower, but nothing like pressure!! Timer beeping down every minute
4. Noise – People in dorm snoring, coming in at all hours, checking out/getting up early.
5. Never enough plug sockets, and always away from your bed where you actually want or need them. Then the adaptor is too big to get two things charging at once.
6. Living out a suitcase – Nothing can be hung up as a rule and the battle to keep everything safe.
7. Changing rooms - your room getting booked up so having to check in and out (as above) for the same hostel.
8. Communal toilets – no privacy (don’t worry ladies and gents are separate as a rule)
9. No internet…have to walk to library which is 30 minutes away unless pay for it in hostel which costs around $10.
10. Never comfortable like home, always a little run down etc.

Overall hostels are pretty rubbish but it enables me to see Australia so as long as bugs and horrible smells don’t become one of the above issues I can still wake up with smile on my face!!!

The reason I write this is because alot of people see the great amazing side of travelling...which is all true..but this side is also true just not promoted :)

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Landed in Melbourne

rain 11 °C

I have now landed in Melbourne :) feeling very jet lagged! But overall all good :)

Monday went to dads. Went for meal at harvesters for my last English meal for a while. Dad took me to Heathrow airport Tuesday morning. Got there with plenty of time to spare.

Got 2 window seats which is good :) the first flight I was sat with an Australian guy who has been traveling around Europe and has been mainly based in London so that was cool to swap stories. There was a spare seat in between us so little bit of extra space which is always good! The second flight was only two seats together next to the window and no one was sat next to me so again was able to use the extra space :)

Starting to sink in that have left a lot of people that care bout me behind. Last time went to Australia never had this feeling. Not sure if that a good or bad thing lol. Need to try and find a job pretty sharpish or head up to Queensland with the little bit of cash that I have got behind me, cannot decide which yet as Melbourne weather is pretty dull and wet due to being middle of winter here!

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Last Week of England

sunny 16 °C

This time next week I will be flying to Australia should be close to getting off, as land at 8pm Australian time which is 11am in England on Wednesday 12th June 2013!

This last week in Lincoln weather wise should be quite good, deffo the end of the week. Going down to my dads on Monday and then flying on Tuesday.

I have been applying for lots of jobs in Melbourne at the moment, really want to get job quite quickly so can work through Melbourne's winter and then have money to have fun in the summer.

The flight leaves Heathrow at 12 midday. Takes 12 and half hours to get to Kuala Lumpar. Break for 2 and half hours and then 8 hours to get to Melbourne. 23 hours in total.

Anyway Ill let you no how my flight goes when i get there :)

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rain 9 °C

Well I can offically say I have booked my flight to the land of oz!!!!
11th of June from Heathrow. Just under a month left in England, but going to make it count :)

House contracts ends saturday, 13 days left at work - so everything getting wrapped up again for my year of travels. A lot easier to pack this time as realised how little you need to be happy so I have thrown more stuff away so less stuff to store whilst I am away.

Now to book hostel to stay in & travel insurance etc!

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Given Notice in!

sunny 18 °C

Today I gave notice to my landlord for my house share. Last day here will be 18th May 2013. This time in this house has been cool, great room and made some good mates - mollie, dan & kim! I have also given my notice in at work, however am going to work till the end of May. My idea is to head down south at the beginning of june and see some mates and family.

I am heading back to Melbourne to hopefully get some work through the Australia winter to save up for the summer where i want to head up to Queensland to finish off my plan to get up to Cairns. Have to say it is going to weird to travel without Claire this time but I am sure my first year experience has given me all the tools needed to have great fun and successfully get to Cairns :)

If people want to keep in touch when i get back to oz please get whats app and viber or skype - only taken me year to work out the best way to stay in contact with the UK haha!

Now to look into the exact date and time I am going to fly and travel insurance, book hostel to stay in and start to apply for jobs in Melbourne!

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Visa Accepted :)

overcast 1 °C

Today has been an amazing day! My second year visa has been accepted!!!!!! :)

I have till 21st March 2014 to get to Australia to use this visa and once there i get a full 12 months of Australia again - hopefully it will be as amazing as the first year there which was down to a beautiful country but also the amazing people that I met including cass, lisa, essex, gayle etc! legends :) never thank you enough :)

Now to look at finances and see how quick i can get to Australia but have enough money to support myself. Orginal plan would give me 6 weeks left of England - have to see if finances will still let that dream come true :)

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Ive been back in the UK for month today and I can easily say it is too cold and boring here! It has been great to see my family but I am not in any position to think about settling down for too long at all.

My old work, NTR, gave me my job back that I quit to go travelling..they no it will only be for few months so I was extremely lucky that they had me back as most people are aware there are NO jobs around Lincoln! You have to wait 6 weeks to sign on...so NTR have enabled me to get a shared house near morrisons area which again I was extremely lucky to only have to sign in to a 3 month tenancy agreement. Lets be honest compared to some of the hostels Ive stayed in this is luxury!! I have a hole room to my self, a place to hang my clothes, a laptop etc but none of that is actually important when you think about it.

Spent the first week or so back with my dad in Southampton, then other 3 weeks in Lincoln. Been to Buxton for weekend to see my mum new lifestyle and Auntie Karen came over last weekend. Travelling and being away from family makes you realise how important they are to you thats for sure.

Plans for future =
- Apply for second year visa which the 88 days of farm work has been for. Lets just hope that immgration accept my application!
- Houseshare 3month contract ends beginning of May so end tenancy there
- finish job around end of April
- get flight back to Australia before my birthday... which hopefully you all no as 12th May!

This all depending on
- immigration - they could ask for more evidence or decline completely.
- How much money I manage to save up in couple of months.

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